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"With those who receive counsel is wisdom."   ~ Proverbs 13:10b NASV ~


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Jesus Is Lord Ministries offers professional Christian counseling ministry services. We specialize in Temperament Therapy. Temperament Therapy is a therapeutic method which is based on the belief that man is a created and unique being rather than the result of an evolutionary process. This therapeutic method was developed during 7 years of research. The research involved 5,000 individuals who were seeking help for their problems. The research concluded that temperament therapy is over 93% successful when administered by a qualified therapist.


Each person is born with a unique, God-given "nature" or temperament. The Temperament Analysis Profile (T.A.P.) Report identifies the individual's "nature" (temperament) and reveals their temperament needs. When your temperament needs are not being met, or being 'met' in ungodly ways, it causes stress and anxiety. Other possible symptoms include: depression, dissatisfaction, loneliness, fear, frustration, anger, marriage and family problems, poor work performance, exhaustion, and inter / intrapersonal conflicts. When your needs are being met in Godly and socially acceptable ways, stress and anxiety are reduced, and so are the problems connected to them. Temperament therapy is Bible based and Christ centered.

Introduction to Temperament Theory

Melancholy     Choleric     Supine     Sanguine     Phlegmatic
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Jesus Is Lord Ministries' purpose is to bring glory to God, and His help to people.

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Dr. Rick Martin, JILM Director

Dr. Rick is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - Advanced Certified with the National Christian Counselors Association. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Doctor of Divinity degree. Rick is an ordained minister with Calvary Ministries International. He has been in the ministry since 1974, as a pastor, evangelist, Teen Challenge Director, Prison Chaplain for the State of Michigan D.O.C and Pastoral Counselor.





Dr. Rick is also the author of God Created You: A Guide to Temperament Therapy; a 222 page paperback filled with “more temperament information that any one person should know”, as Rick would put it. God Created You is an easy read, fun, informative, serious/funny, a must read if you are in any relationship at home, work, church or play.


Soft cover: $20.   E-book: Free.


Email to receive your copy.



GOD CREATED YOU Temperament Seminars - Dr. Rick is available to speak to your church, group, or organization about enhancing relationships (family, work, & God), reducing stress, and learning how God made us and how to better interact with people around us, ourselves and God. These Seminars are informative and fun and a blessing to those who attend. The Seminars can be from 1 to 7 classes, depending upon the needs of your church, group, or organization. Call the office (517) 541-1213 or email for more information.

Business Temperament Workshops are just what the business world has been looking for. They are fun, informative and promote teamwork, better employee relationships, better management/employee relationships, how to deal with work related stress and much more. Plus, the results lasts long after the Workshops are over. Call the office (517) 541-1213 or email for more information.




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